My Latest Skincare Changes…

Posted on December 13, 2012


I’ve always been pretty good about taking care of my skin. Two things I religiously do day and night without fail is cleansing and moisturizing my face. This isn’t because I’m super disciplined. My super dry and sensitive skin demands it and behaves very badly when I don’t follow a strict skincare regimen.

When I was young(er)… I was content with my (dry) skin. No major complaints. But as I’m getting old(er)… the dryness is starting to show its ugly effects in the form of laugh lines, fine lines around my eyes, and an overall dullness in my skin. :( Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wouldn’t stay young forever~ but it’s still surprising when you start to notice the first signs of aging.

Probably safe to say that most women want to look their best at every age (including me!). Here’s 5 ways I’m addressing my current skin concerns :)

  1. I use a gentle cleanser. Non-foaming cream cleansers, oil cleansers, and even lotion cleansers are a great option for dry skin especially during the winter.
  2. Eye cream is a must. Dotting and patting with the ring finger of course. In my opinion, this step is a must at every age.
  3. I no longer skip using a serum. It’s the best way to addresses your main skin concerns. I use concentrated serums that help my skin hold onto moisture.
  4. I use a good moisturizer day and night. I prefer creams but if you have oily skin, a lotion/gel moisturizer is probably a better fit.
  5. I treat my skin to a mask often. I used to do a mask whenever I felt like pampering myself. Now, I make an effort to apply a mask 2 times a week. I’ve noticed that applying a mask frequently helps my skin maintain it’s moisture which helps plump up my current fine lines and prevent new ones from forming.

In terms of makeup, I love to use BB Creams because they provide coverage with the benefits of skincare. Have you heard of CC Creams?! CC stands for Color Correcting. While BB Cream focuses on coverage with skincare benefits like anti-aging… CC Cream focuses on color correction (radiance) and the skincare concerns of a more mature audience. It promises to help with fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, age spots, gentle exfoliation, dryness, moisture barrier, and luminosity. As far as I know, Olay was one of the first brands that launched a CC Cream in the States. Here’s what they had to say:

As a leader in skincare with an eye for emerging trends, Olay is bringing the first-ever mass market CC line of products to the United States {Canada} beginning in October 2012. CC, or Color & Correct, Creams have started to emerge in Asia as a new category and are designed for women who love BB Creams for their ability to provide a quick, flawless finish but are seeking skincare solutions that deliver long-term benefits.

The Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizers fight seven signs of aging, while also providing immediate color correction with tinted formulas that include UV protection and tone correction over time. The multiple, must-have instant and long-term benefits leave skin luminous and even-toned with the reduced appearance of discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles.

I recently picked up Olay’s CC to try out. The bottle doesn’t have CC on it, but the box was clearly marked as CC Cream. I’ll test it out and provide a full review for you soon. Until then… please take care of your skin. Your 2022 self will thank you.

Will you be making any changes to your skincare regimen?

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