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I heart eyeshadows.

November 30, 2011


I admit it… I have a problem. I buy way more eyeshadows than I can ever wear in my lifetime. <sigh> My latest purchase is bareMinerals in Tenderheart. I love this color! It’s going to sound crazy, but just looking at it  makes me happy. Like I said… I love this color. I especially love […]

It’s A Beautiful Life…

November 29, 2011


With Thanksgiving still on my mind (& waistline) and Christmas right around the corner… I’ve been counting my blessing even more. Of course there’s the big important stuff like family, friends, health etc… but the beauty of life can also be found in the small things.  Here’s a quick glimpse into the items (& stories) […]

BEAUTYful Monday Savings

November 28, 2011


Some more BEAUTYful Savings. Great way to start a Monday. Bliss Discount: 20% off Bliss products Discount Code: THANKS20 Ends: Mon Dec 5 Elizabeth Arden Discount: 25% off entire purchase Discount Code: BF2 Ends: Mon Nov 28 Smashbox Discount: 20% off entire purchase Discount Code: SBXFF11 Ends: Mon Nov 28 Shu Uemura Discount: […]

Leave it all on the dance floor~

November 27, 2011


The occasional booty shaking and fist pumping on the dance floor is great. But that’s where the shaking and pumping should stay… on the dance floor. If you shake your nail polish and/or pump your mascara, you may want to reconsider. Nail polish: Shaking the bottle will create air bubbles within the polish making it […]

BEAUTYful Black Friday Savings

November 24, 2011


Don’t miss out!!! Here are some beauty product savings starting on Black Friday! (Offers are for Friday, 11/25 only, unless otherwise indicated) theBalm: 40% off (9am-11:59pm PST) with code BLACKFRIDAY Bath & Body Works: 2011 VIP Bag (filled w/ 11 products) for $20 when you spend $40 with code VIP11 (online & in stores) Benefit: […]

I Love My Itty Bitty Closet

November 23, 2011


I love my itty bitty closet… my earring closet that is. How do you organize your pretty earrings? Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin Tweet

1st Giveaway Winner Announcement!~

November 21, 2011


Thanks to everyone who participated! With the completion of Prettygossip’s 1st Giveaway… I decided to add another Pretty Gossip 1st… a video! As promised, Kobe has chosen the winner. Watch the video and see how much thought and consideration (aka: sniffs) he gives in selecting the winner of The Body Shop Foot Cream. Congrats to […]

Sunday is FUNDAY!~

November 20, 2011


How do you wind down from a hectic weekend and get ready for the week? One of my favorite ways to relax on Sunday is to put on a face mask and step into a nice relaxing bath. Just thinking about it relaxes me. Ahhh…. Here are some other ideas to help you decompress and […]

Nail biter…

November 18, 2011


It was in  junior high when I decided that enough was enough. I made the conscious decision to stop biting my nails. Why you ask? Was it because I finally realized how gross, disgusting, unsanitary, and ugly it was? Nope. Those reasons weren’t enough… I wanted to wear the sheer pink nail polish by hello […]

A Pretty Gossip First!… A Giveaway~~

November 17, 2011


***** Giveaway is closed. Winner announcement found here~***** I recently picked up the Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue cream from the Body Shop to help with my dry feet. I got an extra one and wanted to share with a lucky Pretty Gossip reader If your feet need some extra loving care like mine, enter to […]

Hello Sunshine. Goodbye Shine.

November 14, 2011


This post is in response to a question I received to the PA+++ vs SPF post. Question: “Can you recommend a sunscreen that won’t leave my face looking greasy? most of the time sunscreen tends to make me look shiny…especially when i apply it with foundation.”  (thank you fellow blogger and friend herimajination for the […]

“We’re going streaking!”

November 12, 2011


Friends don’t let friends go streaking… With a hectic schedule, it happens. We put our makeup on in the car, low light, or without looking in a mirror… and sometimes, we end up with foundation streaks . Here are some ways to ensure you don’t go streaking. Feel free to pick and choose! Use the […]

Become a Curling Champion ;)

November 10, 2011


For those of us born with stubborn straight lashes… here’s the trick to finally get the perfectly curled lashes you’ve always wanted! Follow these easy steps to become a curling champion! Follow directions on how to Hairspray Your Lashes. Please don’t literally spray your lashes Here’s the key… Curl at the base and release, curl […]

“Pretty and shiny”

November 10, 2011


Last night, I was at a red light rocking out to some Justin Timberlake when all of a sudden, my car lunges forward. I look in my rear view mirror just in time to make out the “f” word come out of the driver’s mouth. I’ve been rear ended. I get out of the car […]

Hairspray Your Lashes!~

November 9, 2011


Don’t you ever wish you could hairspray your lashes to hold the curl? If you curl then apply mascara- the wetness of the mascara takes the curl away. If you curl after mascara- You’re left with sticky lashes and an eyelash curler that’s covered in mascara. Either way, it’s not a good situation. While we […]

Don’t Wash… Just Powder Your Hair!

November 8, 2011


Washing your hair daily will dry out your hair, scalp, and cause static especially during the cold winter months. While I know it’s not advised to wash my hair everyday… how could I not?! After just one day, I’m left with clumpy, flat, and oily hair. Gross! So I set out on a mission to […]

Winter Must Haves

November 7, 2011


As the weather gets colder, here are a few things that are my must haves. 1. Bounce Strange that this is #1 on my list, but I really don’t like having static in my hair. During the cold season, it’s inevitable to get static-y hair and shock yourself when you reach for door handles (Ugh). […]

Pretty Plants

November 3, 2011


Take some time to smell the roses… or at least look at some pretty plants.  Here are some pretties I found around my place. Enjoy!~ Cactus Lemon Verbena Orchid Peony Celery Plumeria   Facebook – Stay informed! Twitter- Tweet me. I want to hear from you. Bloglovin- Easiest way to follow Pretty Gossip and all […]

PA+++ vs SPF?

November 1, 2011


In response to the ABCs of SPF… I’ve been asked the difference between SPF and PA+, PA++ and PA+++ (typically indicated below the SPF rating, as seen in picture above). The PA rating system is used to indicate the UVA protection. The PA rating system ranges from +(least) to +++(most). There is no UVA protection […]